General Repairs Tailored for YOU

Many European Automotive parts do NOT require regular scheduled replacement, but these parts may still fail.  Periodic inspections help prepare for upcoming auto repairs.  We provide inspections AS WELL AS vehicle repairs on several makes and models.  A quick diagnosis usually has you on your way in no time.  If you have any questions regarding a problem with your car, feel free to call or email us.

Euro-Tech Automotive Fixes Steering and Front End Issues

Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension parts can contain rubber bushings, which wear out over time. This can cause squeaking or rattling in the suspension. When this happens, these parts must be replaced to avoid further damage. Some of these parts can also affect the car’s alignment – causing the car to pull to one direction or the other, also causing improper tire wear.  All modern cars have a power steering system, which can often experience leaks or pump failure.

Euro-Tech Automotive fixes Transmission and Drive Train issues

Transmission & Drivetrain

There are many things that can go wrong with a transmission, so the best course of action is to begin with a diagnostics check.  Our Technicians are NOT afraid of a challenge, so your transmission repairs – whether a rebuild or replacement – are not a problem for us.

Your drivetrain also has many moving parts that, especially in a higher-mileage or often-used vehicle, can wear out.  If you are looking to have a vehicle rear-end service, axle repair, driveshaft u-joints repair, or another drivetrain fix or replace, give us a call to schedule your loaner so you’re riding in style while you wait for your vehicle to be ready.

Euro-Tech Automotive fixes Car Air Conditioning and Heat problems

Heating & Air Conditioning

In Colorado, we use our car heaters and air conditioners year-round.  These systems can experience issues such as leaks or failures, causing your ride to become less than comfortable.  We can take care of diagnosing heating and / or air condition problems, and get you riding comfortably again!

Euro-Tech Automotive fixes Exhaust problems

Exhaust & Emissions

If you smell exhaust in your car, or suspect there is an issue with your exhaust system, we can help!  Often, there are minor issues that can be taken care of at your next maintenance or scheduled service.  When the issue IS serious, we can get you scheduled, and even have loaner cars available to you at no extra cost!!

Euro-Tech Automotive can fix Vehicle Electrical Issues

Electrical Repairs

We are able to perform most electrical repairs, including some control module replacement, battery, and alternator replacements. Some electrical issues may require specialized equipment, so please contact us before coming in, if you suspect an electrical issue with your car.

Euro-Tech Engine Repair

General Engine Repairs

Even when correctly serviced and maintained, engine repairs may still be necessary (though, not as frequently).  Damaged valves, head gaskets, or total engine failure are always possibilities.  We are here to make these repairs less stressful for you by providing transparent pricing and great customer service.