Automotive Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance helps to keep your car or SUV running smoothly, and can prevent expensive repairs in the future.  This regular service can prolong the life of your vehicle, and keep it running for many years.

Fluids & Filters

Your vehicle’s filters and fluids are essential for preventing wear and tear and overheating, as well as optimizing performance. Fluids and filters must be changed at the appropriate mileages so that they can continue to do their job.

Oil changes, brake fluid and/or coolant exchanges, and transmission services all fall in this category.  Both the engine air filter AS WELL AS the Cabin Air Filter need to be changed periodically, as well.

We help you stay up-to-date on these changes by keeping records on your vehicle(s) and sending out reminders. This will help your car stay in tip-top shape!

Brake Maintenance

Aside from the importance of getting your car to GO, ensuring it will STOP is immensely important!  Even if your brakes don’t make noise, it’s important to periodically have them checked.  If they ARE making noise, get those brakes checked out as soon as possible!

We use the best parts and can often provide a better price than you’ll find at the dealership — stellar service and transparent pricing is our model!!

Tune Ups

A Tune-Up generally includes spark plugs, air and cabin filters, and more!  Make sure you get your regular Maintenance Tune-Up taken care of to keep your engine running at its prime and your gas mileage low!  This will save you money in the long run.

Air Conditioning Service

In Colorado, we use our Air Conditioning year-round, thanks to our spectacular weather patterns!  That’s why it is SO important to have it periodically serviced to keep it operating at it’s very best.  Many times, it’s just a quick service and you’re on your way.  Including it with another regular service MAY save you time and money in the long run.

Timing & Other Belt Service

Having your vehicle’s Belts serviced on time is necessary to keep it running smoothly and avoid costly emergency repairs.  When a Timing Belt fails, it’s often the end of an engine – or worse.  This service includes several “moving parts” and can be expensive and time consuming — but will save you having to buy a new car.  Wondering what all is involved? Call our office and speak with a technician to get an idea of what this might cost in terms of down-time for your vehicle as well as your bank account.

Tire Replacement & Repair

Tire replacement shouldn’t be an overwhelming experience.  We try to make this as easy and cost-effective as possible for our customers.

As tires age, they wear out.  This is normal and expected, no matter the driver’s habits.  However, being AWARE of wear is important.  If your tires show uneven wear, this could be caused by an issue with alignment or tire pressure.  Also, tire aging happens when the rubber itself begins to change over time due to environment, storage, AND usage.

We work with our customers to determine how impactful tire wear is on the well-being of the car, and help determine how soon those tires need to be replaced.